Irrigation Installation


GLIG Groundworks offers outstanding customer service from highly qualified technicians to take care of all your irrigation needs. We help design a functional system, install it according to your specifications and maintain it for your convenience.

short_content_imageOur trained technicians are also available for troubleshooting and repairs. Whether you need a onetime service call or want to schedule ongoing maintenance, we are there to handle your irritation issues. We provide detailed irrigation analysis to ensure the health of your lawn and landscapes. Our technicians can even help reduce your water bills.

Skilled technicians create a detailed map of your property to plan sprinkler systems, well services and irrigation installations. We test each zone during service calls and repair minor problems discovered during routine inspections. If major problems are found, weirrigation_right_side_image provide a written estimate before we do the work. Irrigation services may include main line repairs, pump repairs and valve repairs as well as mist head replacement and rotary head replacement. GLIG Groundworks also cleans canal screens, inspects pump stations and adjusts rain sensors. We take care of irrigation wire troubleshooting and replace wires when necessary for optimum safety and performance.

GLIG Groundworks takes pride in keeping your property attractive with little or no inconvenience to you. Our technicians design customized irrigation systems based on what you want and ensure they meet all local codes. We are also dedicated to keeping your system running like new. We stand behind our materials and workmanship for the best possible results all year round.