Why Choose Tree Service Pompano Beach?

Unless you’re a skilled arborist yourself, you probably don’t realize how important the trees on your property can be. Trees are as vital as they are complex. While the trees on your property may seem self-sufficient, these plants can encounter a wealth of problems that prevent their healthy growth. At GLIG Groundworks Pompano Beach, our dedicated arborists can treat any problems your trees may be experiencing. We can also keep your trees healthy with preventative maintenance procedures that safeguard your trees from insect and disease damage. If you’re ready to keep your trees nice and green, take a look at the top 4 reasons to choose our tree service in Pompano Beach:

  1. We treat tree diseases. Trees can get diseases like any other living thing, and tree diseases can be incredibly damaging. Tree diseases typically spread through pests that feed on an infected tree, then an uninfected tree, unintentionally spreading the disease from one tree to the next. We can remove damaged tree sections to help quell the spreading of the disease.
  2. Our experts can keep pests away. Because pests are the main cause of tree disease and damage, keeping pests away is the best way to ensure that your trees aren’t at risk. At GLIG Groundworks Pompano Beach, we provide lawn spraying that can keep pests off of your trees and lawn in the first place. We can keep out whiteflies, sow bugs, pill bugs and many other pests that can wreak havoc on your trees and lawn.
  3. Our team can keep your trees manicured. Trees can grow into wild and inconvenient directions that may bring harm to your home. If your tree is sprouting new branches that are making way to your home, it’s important to safely remove the branches. At GLIG Groundworks Pompano Beach, we can remove undesired branches in a safe manner that keeps your home and tree safe from sustaining any damage.
  4. We can plant new trees. If you’re looking to improve your property, trees are the perfect way to enhance your space. Our tree service in Pompano Beach also includes our landscape design in which we can plant local trees on your property. These trees will flourish, they’re easy to maintain and beautiful to see.

The trees on your property can improve the overall design and comfort of your home. They provide shade, clean air and a beautiful property appearance. If your trees are in need of a little TLC, our arborists and technicians at GLIG Groundworks Pompano Beach can help with arbor care in Pompano Beach. We can care for existing trees and plant new native trees. With our lawn and tree spraying services, your property will look its very best. Call (561) 922-9044 to learn more.

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